“Of the anchors you see on TV, Shows, Stages and Radio very few are naturals. For the rest, it is an acquired skill set that comes with practice and practice”.
On the one hand, there are endless opportunities, and on the other, fierce competition. Keeping in mind the paucity of time for most aspirants, intensive and result-oriented workshops on reading and anchoring can bridge the gap between the two and facilitate youngsters get a firm foothold in this competitive world.

The workshop trains and prepares one on how to be a News Anchor. Various tips to students to make their writing effective and presentable

Topics Covered

1: Fair, frank and fearless attitude with command over the spoken language, Voice control and handling, Communication skills
2: Development of capability of expressive and Communicative skills And a positive Attitude

3 : Develop expression & modulation of voice.
4: Creative writing skills, language skills, basic scripting.
5: Conducting studio interviews live and recorded. How to get the best out of your guest.
6: Creative writing as well as presentation of a live show such as: Countdown shows, Game shows, Interviews, Film based programs
7: News reading and anchoring exercises on camera.
8: Wit and humor, music appreciation & spontaneity.
9: Practical voice training & rehearsals.
10: Demo recording.

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